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Popular professional hockey game with many popular players

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While NHL 07 represents a much-improved product compared to prior versions, it is noteworthy that EA Sports continues to put an emphasis on scoring, leaving defense to seem like an afterthought. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will always diminish reality just a bit. However, the game is now more exciting as the overall skill set needed for offense and goalkeeping are reflected in the way the game is played.

NHL 07 continues the franchise's efforts to hone the graphics. Star players are becoming more and more recognizable. Even the skating rinks and referees are starting to look realistic. The game action as it relates to player movements continues to improve as well. The most notable improvement involves stick handling. With the new "Skill Stick Revolution" feature, gamers are now able to better control the dekes and passes with nothing more than the joystick. Frankly, it makes scoring a little more difficult and a little more realistic. The only negative is that it removes some of the breakaway passing that took place in prior versions. Now, it is the stick, the puck and the goalie. The great news for passionate gamers is that the new emphasis on the skill stick makes buying top of the line game controllers more reasonable.

All key players, coaches and team are present from the NHL season. Each player's skill set has been customized to reflect their ability based on statistical information. Without the need for face buttons on the controller, shooting is done right from the controller. The only purpose buttons serve on this new version relates to fighting. The bottom line is that the pace of the game and the gamer's ability to control what the players do on the ice has made the game more enjoyable.

With all the technological improvements available to EA Sports, the company has certainly taken advantage of what's available. The sound on this version is clear and easy to understand. Occasionally, the broadcaster may make an error, but that situation is minimized, making the call of the game more enjoyable and realistic. If a gamer has an abundance of time, the Dynasty mode will allow the gamer to manage a team through an entire 10-season period. The ability to initiate player transactions makes managing as much fun as actually playing the game.


  • Skill Sick Revolution - This new feature will truly change the way the game is played. The game is easier to control and the game action is quicker and much more realistic.
  • 3-D Graphics - As player recognition improves, gamer loyalty tends to improve as well. The game feels much more like the real thing.
  • European Leagues - NHL 07 features teams from four different European leagues, giving the new version a real international appeal.


  • While scoring has become more difficult, defense is still not a controllable feature even in a multi-player setting. The offense always has the advantage.

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